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What you should know about hormone balance

Hormonal Balance:

Bio-Identical Hormone Therapy for women has grown in popularity and has steadily improved over time.  I have seen it change many lives.  Here are some tips I have learned after 30 years in the business.

Your choice of doctor matters!

Not all doctors have the training or interest in customized hormone replacement. Practitioners associated with the American Academy of Anti Aging (A4M)  have extensive special training and certification in this area.  It is also important to choose a doctor who you can talk to openly about your feelings, symptoms and treatment response, since these can often be quite personal subjects.  Good communication leads to better outcomes!

Your choice of pharmacy matters!

It is extremely important that your medication is consistently made exactly to your doctors prescription. I highly recommend you work with a compounding pharmacy with at least one independent national Accreditation.  You can locate Accredited compounding pharmacies through this website: PCAB Accredited Providers for Compounding Pharmacies

Not all women are candidates for hormone therapy

For example, if you are at high risk for breast or female cancers, the risk treatment may outweigh the benefits.  Be sure you and your doctor discuss this.

Hormone Balancing can change your life!

Balancing your hormones is only one part of creating a plan for optimal health.  It is also crucial to adopt a low-fat-low-carb diet and be sure you are getting proper nutrition, sleep and exercise.

Throughout our lives our hormone balance naturally changes and guides our biology. When this balance becomes disrupted, major changes can occur in our bodies, minds and behaviors.  In some cases, these imbalances develop slowly, with subtle symptoms that build over time. Weight gain, loss of libido and poor sleep are commonly mentioned.  Other times the onset can be more rapid with more dramatic symptoms such as night sweats and emotional mood swings.  These are common signs of hormonal imbalance in women, and they are almost always treatable with proper care.

Have a Happy and Healthy Day!