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How puzzles promote health and wellness

Puzzles are fun and entertaining, but their benefits go beyond simple recreation. In fact, playing and solving puzzles on a regular basis can benefit adults and children in various ways. Puzzles often stimulate problem-solving centers in the brain and can improve brain health. Researchers have found that, by completing crossword puzzles, playing challenging games or doing other puzzle-related activities, individuals may be less likely to develop brain plaques that have been tied to Alzheimer's disease.

Breaking bread with friends and family is the perfect recipe for a fun day or evening. However, even the most experienced party hosts may struggle with ways to cater to their guests' various dietary restrictions.

According to Food Allergy Research & Education organization, as many as 15 million Americans have food allergies. Research by a team of allergists at the McGill University Health Centre found that 7.5 percent of Canadians report having at least one food allergy.

In addition to food allergies, hosts also must consider diets, food sensitivities, religious preferences, and lifestyle choices (i.e., vegetarianism or veganism) when planning dinner party menus. So what is the accommodating host or hostess to do? Etiquette experts say that while it is important to keep guests' preferences in mind, it is impossible to accommodate everyone. But hosts can take certain steps when planning a menu that might make it easier to cater to an array of eaters.

The United States military is one of the most comprehensive, effective and respected armed forces in the world. Without the tireless commitment of military personnel - from the soldiers on the ground to the support staff behind the scenes - America could not be the world power it is today. Each branch of the U.S. military has a unique mission, and here is a brief rundown of what those missions entail, courtesy of Military.com and the U.S. Department of Defense.

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PureScienceRX is a compounding pharmacy that offers customized medications that are not readily manufactured. Our Pharmacists and staff will work with your prescriber to customize the right prescription for you.

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