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Hormone Therapy

A hormone imbalance can wreak havoc on your normal lifestyle affecting your energy level, mood, libido, sleep patterns and more.

Pain Management

Pain can cause more than discomfort. We want to help you and your physician design a pain management solution that will work for you.


Children often need compounded medications to ensure proper dosage but we can also help with flavoring to make your life easier.


Skincare can be a tricky situation. We will work directly with your dermatologist to help design the right compound for your needs.

Wound Care

Getting a wound to heal can be frustrating and may require compounded medications. Talk to your doctor and see if we can help.

Chronic Fatigue

Often tired? Muscle pain? Brain fog? All of these are common issues with CFIDS but they can affect everyone differently and we can help.


Humans aren’t the only ones that need compounded medications. Our pets often require unique medicines for their conditions.

About Us

PureScienceRX is a compounding pharmacy that offers customized medications that are not readily manufactured. Our Pharmacists and staff will work with your prescriber to customize the right prescription for you.

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